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Dundas County Hospice operates with a budget funded 55% by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and 45% by Fundraising efforts. At this time, we ask you to consider sponsoring one or more of our fundraising events in 2023. 100% of funds raised stay in Dundas County. Our clients and their families greatly appreciate your contribution to these funds which provide much needed services. We understand that many businesses have struggled with ongoing closures and capacity limits, so if you are unable to donate at this time, we totally understand. However if things change and you wish to help us out later in 2023, please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss sponsorship.

Following are the fundraisers planned for 2023 and we welcome you and your staff to join us!

___   Hike for Hospice: held in-person in South Mountain on Sunday, May 7th and virtually throughout the month of May

___   Golf Tournament: September, date and venue TBD

___   Giving Tuesday, Memorial Tree Lighting event: at Hospice, November 28th

*As long as EOHU Guidelines at the time of the event allows for this type of outdoor gathering. If the event does not go ahead, Golf Tournament sponsorships will be applied to Memorial Tree event.

Please designate above the event(s) you wish to sponsor and note below the sponsorship rewards:

  Bronze:       $     25 – $   99         business name/logo displayed at event (e.g. hike trailer marker or golf hole sponsor sign)

  Silver:          $   100 – $ 499           as above + certificate of sponsorship

  Gold:            $   500 – $ 999           as above + your logo on DCH website for 6 months after event

  Platinum:   $ 1,000 +                  as above + your logo in 2023 newsletter delivered to all homes in Dundas County

Tax receipts are available after the event for ALL monetary donations over $20.00.

Please see over for CRA guidelines around receipting for Gifts In-Kind.

Charitable registration: #89131 6382 RR0001

——————————————– ** Please complete and attach to cash/cheque/item ** —————————————-

Business name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Person: _______________________________________   Phone number: _______________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Cash $______________ Cheque $______________   Cheque #________________ Receipt required: Yes _____ No _____

E-mail: ________________________________________________      My receipt may be e-mailed to me          Yes _____

Item: _________________________________________________________ Value of Item: $_______________________


If you would like some time to consider our request please contact your canvasser at a later date.

Your canvasser is: ­­­­__________________________________________ Phone number: ____________________________

4353 County Road 31, PO Box 278, Williamsburg, ON K0C 2H0     (613) 535-2215

www.dundascountyhospice.ca            info@dundascountyhospice.ca









Charitable Donation Tax Receipts for Gifts In-Kind

Receipts for gifts in-kind may be issued for donations of auction items by individuals or businesses for the item’s fair market value (as long as the fair market value can reasonably be determined), according to the following information taken from the Canada Revenue Agency website:
What is a gift? For a qualified donee to determine whether a gift has been made, it must consider the following:
Was the gift made voluntarily? The donation must be given freely. If a donation is made as a result of a contractual or other obligation (for example, a court order), it is not eligible for a receipt.
Was there a transfer of property?
Only gifts of property are eligible for official donation receipts (for example, cash, computers, equipment). Gifts of service, and promises of service, are not gifts of property, and are not eligible for an official donation receipt. Gift certificates that an issuer donates do not constitute property and are not eligible for official donation receipts. However, a gift certificate purchased and then donated does constitute property, and may be receipted at its fair market value. Pledges do not constitute a transfer of property until they are fulfilled and, as such, are not eligible for an official donation receipt.
Did the donor receive an advantage? When a donor receives an advantage or consideration for a donation, part or all of the donation may no longer qualify as a gift. See Split receipting for more information on advantages.
Examples of advantages might include: a ticket to an event; use of property; or a dinner and/or performance at a fundraising event.
Was the gift directed to a specific person, family, or other nonqualified donee?
A donation subject to a general direction from the donor that the gift be used in a particular program operated by the qualified donee is acceptable, provided that no benefit accrues to the donor or anyone not at arm’s length to the donor. Donors cannot choose the specific beneficiaries of their donations but can still give to a particular program once the charity has identified a beneficiary. The qualified donee must be able to reallocate the donated funds within the program as it deems appropriate. If the donor retains too much control, the donation will no longer be considered a gift at law and an official donation receipt cannot be issued.
What types of transactions generally do not qualify as gifts?
Transactions that do not qualify as gifts include:
• a court ordered transfer of property to a qualified donee;
• the payment of a basic fee for admission to an event or program;
• the payment of membership fees that convey the right to attend events, receive literature, receive services, or be eligible for entitlements of any material value that exceed 80% of the value of the payment;
• a payment for a lottery ticket or other chance to win a prize;
• the purchase of goods or services from a charity;
• a donation for which the fair market value of the advantage or consideration provided to the donor exceeds 80% of the value of the donation;
• a gift in kind for which the fair market value cannot be determined;
• donations provided in exchange for advertising/sponsorship;
• gifts of services (for example, donated time, labour);
• gifts of promises (for example, gift certificates donated by the issuer, hotel accommodation);
• Pledges; loans of property; use of a timeshare; and the lease of premises.
Visit www.cra-arc.gc.ca for more info or call Canada Revenue Agency – Charities Client Assistance at 1-800-267-2384


Memorial Trees at the Hospice