Virtual Hike for Hospice Photos

See how your fellow hikers are doing


 Wilda and her granddaughter, Cynthia, on their hike around Chesterville a couple of weeks ago. You can hike and raise funds anytime!!!


Kathryn Mulder making her way down the County Roads in North Dundas!

 Karin & Arnold Scheerder, with pup Mia, hiking on their farm in North Dundas!


Hospice volunteer Jane Lee and her friend, Lesley, hiked along the St. Lawrence Seaway!


Volunteer Coordinator, Tina MacQueen, her kids and her dogs hiked around Winchester!


 Sabina is one of our Day Hospice cooks and she took a snowy walk in North Dundas!


Mia and her mama, Linda J, on their hike in Winchester!


 Volunteer Elise Ennis doing her hike in Winchester!


Some of the flowers that hospice volunteer Susan saw on her walk in North Dundas!

Office volunteer, Nancy Carruthers, met some  farm friends on her hike through North Dundas!

 Friends Carol, Corrie, Gail and Pauline on their hike through Ferguson Forest! (They did distance while walking)


Scott Robinson took a hike through the sanctuary in South Dundas!

 Friends Candice Jamieson and Alberta McNairn Hiked in South Dundas on a lovely day!!

Tanya Bierman took a walk in Napanee. her mom, Theresa Zandbergen is one of our volunteers!

Board Member Bob Sissons and his wife Cindy hike around Chesterville for us!

Chair of the Board, Paul Renaud and his wife, Michelle, stopped into to visit before heading to Morrisburg to hike along the waterfront!