What We Do


What We Offer
Hospice staff and volunteers offer free, in-home, non-medical care and support to qualifying individuals, family members, caregivers and the bereaved.

Who Qualifies?
Residents of North or South Dundas who live in their own home, with others, or in a retirement home may be referred. Dundas County Hospice accepts referrals from relatives, health and social service agencies, nurses, physicians, clergy, or friends for any adult or child at any stage of a life-threatening illness or from anyone providing care for a terminally ill dependant. We also accept self referrals.
Confidential and Discreet Assistance
Our warm and caring volunteers are trained to create a trusting environment and safe space for our clients through discreet and dignified behaviour that respects individual privacy. We do not discriminate based on race, colour, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, martial status or sexual orientation.

A List of Our Services
In-Home Visits by Trained Volunteers
In-Home Complementary Therapies by Qualified Professionals
Home Hospice Support (I included this but not sure if it’s official yet or not)
Day Hospice Program
Caregiver Support
Bereavement Support
Equipment Loans (palliative or short-term community loans)
Assistance with Supplies (incontinence briefs, bed linens, etc)
Community Education/Speaker’s Bureau

We love to tell people in the community about what we do and if you are looking for a speaker for your next meeting or event, please consider Dundas County Hospice. We can speak on several topics, including How Hospice Can Make a Difference or Advance Care Planning. Please send us an email if you would like further information. (Link to dcs@dundascountyhospice.ca)

General Support and Information

Listing of professional respite
We maintain a list of Professional Respite (Sitters). If you require additional respite (in home or outside), please contact our Director of Client Services. (Link to dcs@dundascountyhospice.cal)ng of Professional Respite

All Hospice services are provided without charge to clients and their families. No one goes without support.