Medical Equipment & Supplies

Our Equipment Loan Program is there to help ease some of the burden on our clients and their families. Our Palliative clients can borrow any pieces of medical equipment we have on hand and use them until no longer required. Our Director of Client  Services meets with clients and their families, and with input from health professionals helps determine what would be helpful. Dundas County Hospice arranges for delivery and pick up for palliative clients.

We will also loan equipment on a short term (max. 3 months), basis to members of the community who are recovering from surgery, accidents or illness in the event we have an excess of the item. In this case, the borrower must arrange for pick-up and delivery of equipment, present their Ontario Health Card and sign our Loan Agreement. Community Loan pick up and return hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 2pm. Please call the office 613-535-2215 to make arrangements for a Community Loan.


Anyone living in Dundas County with a life-threatening illness. Also, if available, equipment may be borrowed on a short-term basis by community members who are recovering from surgery, an accident or illness for a period of 3 months. Health Card and basic identifying information is required.
  • Lift Chairs: electric, lazy-boy style; in various sizes
  • Wheelchairs: Both regular and transport, oversized and tilting
  • Walkers: 2-wheeled, 4-wheeled, no-wheeled, folding, non-folding
  • Bath/Showers Chairs: Bath seats, with or without backs, and transfer benches
  • Commodes: Wheeled commodes, oversized commodes, bucket or over-the-toilet
  • Raised Toilet Seats: With or without handles
  • Bed helpers and bed rails
  • Bed Trapeze
  • Floor to Ceiling grab pole
  • IV Pole
  • Overbed Tables, Laptables
  • RoHo Cushions: High and low profile
  • Obus form: Back and seat
  • Urinals and Slipper bedpans
  • Tub rails
  • Reachers
  • Room Monitors: audio only
  • Swivel Disc, Transfer board
  • Crutches, Canes
  • Shampoo Trays

We also have a variety of soft supplies, such as sheepskin (bedpads and booties), disposable and reusable bed pads, disposable briefs, afghans, twin bedsheets, hospital gowns, etc.

We have access to dietary beverage supplements (Ensure, Boost, Boost Juice) available on request.

We have new equipment and supply items arriving continually, please inquire if something is needed and is not on the list.

We will also loan equipment items on a short term, 3-month basis to those members of the community who are recovering from surgery, accidents or illness in the event that we have excess of the item and there is no cost to the organization i.e. person picks up the item and returns it.

  • Wheel Chairs
  • Walkers
  • Canes
  • Raised Toilet Seats
  • Bath Seats
  • Commodes
  • Room Monitors
  • Privacy Screens
  • Over Bed Tables
  • Electric Lift Chairs (Palliative clients only)
  • ROHO cushions (Palliative clients only)
  • Foam Wedges
  • We also have a variety of “soft supplies” such as sheepskins, bed pads, afghans, etc. for loan. We have a variety of incontinence products for men and women.

We try to help to ease some of the financial burden by providing the clients with Ensure and Incontinence briefs. 

Donate Items

If you would like to donate an item in good condition, contact us at 613-535-2215 or email

Items not accepted at this time:
Wheelchair types, these include:
– Electric
– Custom made
– Tilt
– Pediatric
Walker types:
– No-wheeled
– Non-foldable
– Bad-brakes
– Bad condition
Raised Toilet Seats
Toilet Rails (the arms for toilets)
Shower chair/ commodes- this doesn’t mean bath benches with or without back
Transfer poles
lap blankets/ afghans
No Medical Supplies accepted except  ostomy supplies , boxes of gloves ,blue pads, catheters

Items required:

Wheelchair: Standard or Transport

Bed Helper

Single Bed sheets

Bed pads